December 13, 2019

The South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers have an ancient college football rivalry. It was re-ignited when the two sides met for their game 13 match of this season’s NCAA action. The Tigers benefited from their incredible form this season to win the match. The entertaining game ended 3-38 in favor of the Tigers.

Quarter 1

Two touchdowns in the first quarter helped the Tigers to start the game on a high note. Higgins scored both touchdowns after receiving two marvelous passes from Lawrence. There was no other scoring action during that quarter.

Quarter 2

The Tigers a touchdown and a field goal while the Gamecocks only got a field goal during the second quarter. Parker White scored the field goal for the gamecocks from 39 yards out while Potter scored the one for the Tigers from 46 yards out. Ross scored the touchdown.

Quarter 3

Travis Etienne was the only player to score during the third quarter of the game. He caught the ball after Potter’s kick to proceed and get a touchdown for the Tigers.

Quarter 4

Travis Etienne scored after catching the ball from yet another Potter kick. Next up in the NCAA schedule for the Tigers is the Virginia Cavaliers. Stay tuned for highlights from that game.


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