November 29, 2019

The Atlanta Falcons fell to the New Orleans Saints who they hosted for the last game of Thanksgiving Day. The Saints, who got their tenth win of the season retained the NFC South title for the third consecutive time. The game ended 18-26.

Quarter 1

The Saints started the match on top form. They scored during the first quarter which set the pace for their control of the whole match. T. Hill scored their first touchdown during the only scoring action of the first quarter.

Quarter 2

Graham scored a touchdown early into the second quarter for the Falcons to level the score-line. However, the Saints got a touchdown from Hill and a 22-yard field goal from Lutz later into the same quarter. This ensured that they remained on top. Koo scored a 45-yard field goal for the Falcons late into the quarter.

Quarter 3

Lutz was the only player who scored during the third quarter of the game. He scored a field goal from 42 yards out to widen the lead margin that the Saints had set up.

Quarter 4

Three field goals and a touchdown were scored in the final quarter before the match ended. Lutz scored two field goals for the Saints from 42 and 45 yards out. Koo scored a field goal on the other end from 43 yards out. Gage scored the final touchdown of the game for the Falcons. Plenty of more NFL action coming up during the weekend. Stay tuned for all updates.