October 23, 2019

The Los Angeles Rams put an end to their losing streak with a convincing 37-10 win over the Atlanta Falcons. It was the visiting team’s defense that grabbed all the headlines for keeping the home team at bay. The two teams drew during the first quarter but the visitors won all the other quarters.

Quarter 1

The first quarter had no touchdowns as both teams had their defenses. The Falcons were the first ones to make an impact on the scoreboard after a 52-yard attempt in the fourth minute. The Rams failed to level the game after a 40-yard attempt. However, they soon scored from a 55-yard attempt as the first quarter neared its end.

Quarter 2

The home team failed to make an impact on the scoreboard during the second quarter. Gurley secured the first touchdown for the visitors during the second quarter’s fourth minute. They further extended their lead during the final two minutes of the quarter by three points. This was after a 25-yard attempt.

Quarter 3

The visitors also dominated the third quarter. Their defenses kept the home team at bay as their offensive players extended their lead. Everett and Goff each secured a touchdown for the Rams.

Quarter 4

The Rams stretched their lead to 30-3 from a 20-yard attempt. Then each team secured one touchdown before the game ended. There were more than 10 other NFL games over the weekend all full of thrilling action. Stay with us to get more highlights.