November 27, 2019

The Atlanta Falcons visited the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday for a thrilling NFL clash. Eventually, the visitors won the game 27-20. They won the first two quarters and the home team failed to fully recover during the last two quarters.

Quarter 1

There were zero touchdowns in the first quarter of the game. Only the Seattle Seahawks managed to get on the score sheet through a field goal. J. Myers scored the field goal from an attempt 42 yards out.

Quarter 2

The visitors had three incredible touchdowns to extend their lead during the second quarter. DK. Metcalf scored the first touchdown down the middle after catching Wilson’s pass. Then, C. Carson followed through with another touchdown on the right end. DK. Metcalf then scored another touchdown for the visiting team after receiving yet another skillful Wilson pass.

Quarter 3

The home team tried hard to get back in the game during the third quarter. Their first entry into the score sheet was through B. Hill’s powerful touchdown on the left end. Then, M. Bryant scored a 47-yard field goal to give them an additional three points.

Quarter 4

The final quarter was a huge tussle as the home team tried to recover the game. However, J. Myers scored for the visitors from 54 yards to seal their win. Later on, the home team scored through Hooper’s touchdown and Bryant’s 37-yard field goal. This was just one of the thrilling NFL matches that went down over the weekend. Stay tuned for all the other highlights.