November 19, 2019

The Baltimore Ravens were ruthless when they hosted the Houston Texans this past Sunday. The Houston Texans, who are a playoff contender were humbled by the Raven’s defense. Eventually the match was an incredible 41-7 victory for the Ravens.

Quarter 1

The first quarter had zero scores as both teams had solid defenses. They had numerous attacking and scoring opportunities but both teams dimmed each other’s chances.

Quarter 2

The hosts commanded the second quarter with two touchdowns while the visitors never managed to score. Roberts and Andrews were the scorers of the two touchdowns that gave the hosts a massive edge in the match.

Quarter 3

One touchdown and two successful field goals enabled the hosts to extend their lead during the third quarter of the game. Ingram II scored the touchdown while Tucker scored the field goals from 34 and 46 yards out. The visitors still never managed to score even during this quarter of the game.

Quarter 4

The Ravens ended their demolition of the Texans with two touchdowns in the final quarter. Ingram II and Edwards scored the two touchdowns. Hyde scored a touchdown for the visiting team to give them their only points of the game. Stay tuned to know how the match between the Vikings and Broncos ended.