November 02, 2019

For their week 6 of NFL action, the Baltimore Ravens hosted the Cincinnati Bengals. The Home side won the match 23-17. The two teams put up a great show with most of the scores emanating from the first quarter. 

Quarter 1 

The home side was intent on winning the match as evident from the first quarter. They put up an entertaining show forcing their way to two touchdowns. Jackson and Ingram scored the two touchdowns for the hosts. The visitors had earlier on gotten a touchdown from Wilson at the start of the match. 

Quarter 2 

Both teams had strong defenses to keep each other’s offensive action at bay. However, each of them got a field goal. Tucker scored for the hosts from 40 yards and Bullock for the visitors from 22 yards out. 

Quarter 3 

The home side added onto their lead during the third quarter. Tucker scored from a 49-yard field goal attempt. 

Quarter 4

Tucker scored yet another field goal from 21 yards during the final quarter. The visitors got a touchdown, Dalton, as the game neared its end. Get all the NFL updates from week 6 games here.