December 02, 2019

The Carolina Panthers hosted the Washington Redskins over the Thanksgiving weekend for a must win match. However, they fell short and got a 21-29 defeat. This puts their playoff hopes in jeopardy as they have been on a terrible losing streak.

Quarter 1

The Panthers started the game on top form as they were able to win the first quarter. Two convincing touchdowns ensured that they took an early lead. Samuel and Moore scored the two touchdowns. Hopkins scored a 25-yard field goal for the Redskins.

Quarter 2

Hopkins scored a 42-yard field goal just as the second quarter started. Then later in the same quarter, Guice scored a marvelous touchdown to cut up the lead that the Panthers had established.

Quarter 3

Hopkins scored a 36-yard field in the early minutes of the third quarter. There was no other scoring action during that entire quarter.  

Quarter 4

The hosts got one touchdown while the visitors got two during the final quarter of the game. Guice and Peterson scored the two touchdowns for the visiting side. Allen scored the one for the home side just as the game neared its end. Stay tuned for highlights from the Ravens match against the 49ers.