December 02, 2019

It was a special Thanksgiving weekend for the Cincinnati Bengals as they got their first win of the season. They had hosted the New York Jets on Sunday and the match ended 22-6 in their favor.

Quarter 1

Ficken scored a 42-yard field goal early into the match to give the Jets an edge. However, soon after, Boyd scored a touchdown to ensure that the Bengals had the lead.

Quarter 2

Both teams got a field goal in the second quarter of the match. However the Bengals got a touchdown which ensured that they extended their lead. Mixon scored the touchdown. Bullock scored the field goal for the Bengals from 24 yards out. Ficken scored the field goal on the opposite end from 39 yards out.

Quarter 3

The Bengals got two more safety points after the Jets were penalized. Later on Bullock scored a 47-yard field goal. The visitors never scored during that entire quarter.

Quarter 4

The two teams put up strong defensive action during the last quarter of the game. This resulted in a scoreless quarter and the hosts won the match. The Panthers hosted the Redskins for another Sunday match. Stay tuned to get all the updates from the game.