November 16, 2019

NFL week 11 showdown kicked off with a Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game. Cleveland Browns were the hosts for the Friday match which they also won with a noteworthy margin. The Pittsburgh Steelers were poor and as a result the game ended in a 21-7 victory for the Browns.

Quarter 1

The visitors were quite inactive in terms of scores during the first quarter of the game. Mayfield scored a touchdown for the hosts. This meant that the first quarter ended with the Browns being 7-0 up.

Quarter 2

The hosts also dominated the second quarter in terms of scoring. J. Landry scored a touchdown for them to bring the game to a 14-0 score-line. Seibert missed an opportunity to take them further up from a 45-yard field goal attempt.

Quarter 3

The visitors dominated the match in terms of scoring during the third quarter. Rudolph made a short left pass to Samuels who made a touchdown from a 3-yard run. This allowed them to half the lead that the hosts had enjoyed. The hosts never scored during that quarter.

Quarter 4

The hosts capped their win during the final quarter of the game. Mayfield made a short middle pass to Carlson who scored a touchdown. Plenty of matches coming up during the weekend. Stay tuned to get all the updates.