November 29, 2019

The Bills proved how for real they are when they beat the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. On the verge of making Franchise history, the Bills now have nine wins this year. They were away and beat the Cowboys 26-15.

Quarter 1

The Dallas Cowboys were first to score and even dominated the first quarter of the game. J. Witten scored their first and only touchdown of the first half after receiving a pass from Prescott. The Bills never scored during that first quarter.

Quarter 2

The hosts recovered and made a comeback by scoring two touchdowns during the second quarter of the game. Beasley and Singletary scored the two marvelous touchdowns which ensured that the visitors took control of the game.

Quarter 3

The visitors continued to control the game even during the third quarter. They got a touchdown and a successful field goal to extend their lead. J. Allen scored the touchdown while Hauschka scored the field goal from 41 yards out.

Quarter 4

The Cowboys got another touchdown during the last quarter of the game while the visitors got a field goal. Hauschka scored the 26-yard field goal while Bryant scored the touchdown. Stay tuned to get highlights from the last match played on Thanksgiving Day.