November 07, 2019

The Cleveland Browns failed to win yet another match during their week 9 campaign. They had traveled to the home of the Denver Broncos. The match ended 24-19 in favor of the home team. 

Quarter 1 

The Broncos were the only team to score during the first quarter of the game. This was through a touchdown by C. Sutton. 

Quarter 2 

Seibert scored an attempt from 37 yards out early in the second quarter. However, the hosts extended their lead after Fant scored a touchdown. Seibert scored another field goal, this time from 30 yards out.

B. McManus scored a 43-yard field goal for the home team. Seibert also scored two other field goals for the visitors from 27 and 30 yards. 

Quarter 3 

The home side was the stronger team during the third quarter. They managed to get a touchdown to establish a bigger-margin lead. P. Lindsay made the scoring play and touchdown. 

Quarter 4 

The visiting side tried to muscle their way into a comeback during the final quarter. However, they only managed to get one touchdown which was scored by J. Landry. This meant that the home side had more points and won the game.

The last match on Sunday featured the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. Stay tuned to get the highlights.