October 24, 2019

The Detroit Lions were unable to slow down the Minnesota Vikings and they ended up being thrashed 42-30. However, even though the home team lost, both teams put up a thrilling show. The game lived up to the age-old Lions-Vikings rivalry expectations.

Quarter 1

The Lions started the game on a high note with Jones springing into their first touchdown in the eighth minute. The visitors responded with an incredible Kirk Cousins throw which resulted in a touchdown during the tenth minute. However, the visitors won the first quarter after Jones had his second touchdown in the last 20 seconds.

Quarter 2

The Vikings’ Rookie, Johnson had his first career touchdown to level the game in the second quarter’s third minute. The visitors had another touchdown as the second quarter neared its end. Jones scored a touchdown for the visiting team in the second quarter’s final ten seconds.

Quarter 3

CJ Ham had a great catch and touchdown to ensure the visitors extended their lead in the third half. The Lions cut the lead by 3 points through Prater’s 46-yard field goal in the final minutes of the quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Bailey missed a chance to take the visitors ahead from a 45-yard attempt. However, Rudolph took them 34-24 up after a tenth-minute touchdown. Jones secured the final touchdown for the home team during the fourth quarter’s twelfth minute. Cook secured the win for the visitors with a touchdown during the last two minutes. Stay with us as we review more action from week 7 of this season’s NFL.