November 27, 2019

The Detroit lions finally got a win in October this past Sunday. They hosted the New York Giants and walked got a 31-26 win. The match was intense with thrilling attacking and defensive action from both teams.

Quarter 1

The hosts started the match on a high note and declared their intention to win during the first quarter. They got a touchdown to get an early start and eventually control the whole match. Early on, they had gotten seven points after the visitors had a fumble.

Quarter 2

Slayton was the first player to score for the visitors by making a touchdown early into the second quarter. He scored another one during that same quarter to narrow down the hosts’ lead to one point. However, the hosts extended their lead through M. Prater’s 52-yard field goal.

Quarter 3

Both teams had a touchdown during the third quarter of the game. K. Golladay scored the touchdown for the hosts while E. Engram scored for the visitors.

Quarter 4

Golladay received Stratford’s deep pass to make a final touchdown for the hosts. S. Barkley scored the final touchdown for the visiting team as the match neared its end. Stay tuned to know how the other NFL teams faced off this past weekend.