November 02, 2019

The Detroit Lions were unable to defeat the Green Bay Packers during their week 6 NFL campaign. The Green Bay Packers, who were at home, won the march with a narrow margin. The game ended in a 23-22 victory for the Packers. 

Quarter 1 

The Lions started the match strongly and won the first quarter. Prater started the match with a field goal from 26 yards to give the Lions a lead. Then, K. Johnson had a touchdown on the right guard. 

Quarter 2 

Prater scored his second field goal of the night from 22 yards out. Soon after J. Williams received Rodgers pass to get a touchdown for the hosts. M. Crosby scored for the Packers from a 39-yard attempt late in the second quarter. 

Quarter 3 

There were zero touchdowns during the third quarter of the game. However, the lions got two field goals and the Packers got one. Prater scored for the Lions from 41 and 51 yards while Crosby scored for the packers from 48 yards. 

Quarter 4 

The Packers overturned the lead that the visitors had enjoyed and won the match in the final quarter. This was courtesy of Lazard’s touchdown and Crosby’s 23-yard field goal. Early into the quarter, Prater had scored from a 54-yard attempt for the Lions.

Stay tuned for NFL highlights from the upcoming game week 8