December 02, 2019

The Indianapolis Colts were at home at the Lucas Oil Stadium for week 13 of the 2019 regular NFL season. They hosted the Tennessee Titans for the thrilling encounter. Eventually, the Titans won the match 31-17.

Quarter 1

The Colts were first to get a touchdown during the early minutes of the match. Doyle scored the touchdown which ensured that the home side took the lead. Later into that quarter, Humphries scored a touchdown for the Titans to even the score-line.

Quarter 2

Vinatieri scored a field goal from 28 yards out. That was the only scoring action during the second quarter. It ensured that the hosts retained the lead.

Quarter 3

The hosts got a touchdown while the visitors got a touchdown and a field goal. Hines scored the touchdown for the hosts while Henry scored the one for the visiting side. Succop scored the field goal for the Titans from 31 yards out.

Quarter 4

Vinatieri’s 46-yard field goal was blocked by Cruikshank. T. Smith recovered the ball and got a touchdown. Later on, Tannehill made a deep left pass to Raymond who scored the last touchdown of the game. The Bengals later on faced off against the Jets. Stay tuned for the highlights of their match.