November 27, 2019

The Indianapolis Colts had a thrilling but low-scoring match with the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Their match ended in a 15-13 victory from the home team. This game was the third time this season that the Broncos lost a match during the final minutes.

Quarter 1

Both teams started the game with solid defenses as numerous attacks were repelled on both end zones. This led to a goalless first quarter. One of the highlights during the first quarter was when A. Vinatieri missed a 45-yard field goal attempt.

Quarter 2

The second quarter was a tussle between the two NFL teams but the visitors ended up winning it. B. MacManus first scored for the Broncos after a 21-yard attempt. Then, he scored again to double the lead for the visiting team from a 29-yard attempt.  A. Vinatieri bagged three points for the home team by scoring a 55-yard attempt.

Quarter 3

The third quarter had the most scores in the game. Freeman had a touchdown in the middle to give the visitors a big-margin lead. Then, Vinatieri scored a field goal from 45 yards for the home team. M. Mack then ensured that the home team got back in the game through a touchdown on the left end.

Quarter 4

With both teams close to a stalemate, the fourth quarter was intense with numerous blocks and punts. However, Vinatieri scored a field goal from 51 yards to ensure that the home team won the match. Stay here to receive more NFL updates from week 8.