October 24, 2019

The two teams had a thrilling encounter where both sides had great defenses. Their encounter had two quarters which ended in draws after numerous blocks. However, the Jaguars finally sealed the game during the last quarter winning the whole match 27-17.

First Quarter

It had numerous thrills including a goal-line stunt by the Bengals where they blocked the Jaguar’s muscled efforts. Both teams made several attempts and save near their own end-zones and the quarter ended 0-0.

Second Quarter

The Jaguars went 3-0 up during the ninth minute of the second quarter after a 21-yard attempt by Lambo. Nixon gave the Bengals their first entry into the score sheet with a touchdown from a 2-yard throw.

Third Quarter

The Jaguars scored from a 31-yard attempt by Lambo to bring the scores to 9-7 during the quarter’s ninth minute. The Bengals also took their chance with Bullock’s 38-yard field goal as the third quarter culminated. This brought the game to a 9-10 score.

Fourth Quarter

The Jaguars started the fourth quarter with a massive Cole touchdown during the third minute. Conley took them 2 points up two minutes later with an incredible interception at the Bengals’ goal. Jack was penalized after an illegal pass during the fourth quarter’s tenth minute.
The Jaguars had their second touchdown in an entourage-like fashion after Ngakoue intercepted Dalton’s pass. Three minutes later, Lambo scored during a 26-yard attempt. During the final minute, Dalton muscled his way into the Jaguars end zone to give the Bengals one last touchdown.