December 02, 2019

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers overpowered the Jacksonville Jaguars over the weekend. The Buccaneers were visitors at the home of the Jaguars for the week 13 match of this year’s NFL. The match ended 11-28.

Quarter 1

The Buccaneers started the match on top form as they completely dominated the first quarter. Barber scored a touchdown early in the game to give them a lead. Then after a fumble by Barret, White recovered the ball and proceeded to score another touchdown.

Quarter 2

The Buccaneers carried on with their impressive form during the second quarter of the game. Barber scored their third touchdown of the game. Then, Gay scored a field goal from 25 yards out.

Quarter 3

The hosts scored for the first time during the third quarter of the game. This was through Lambo’s successful 53-yard field goal.

Quarter 4

Westbrook then scored a touchdown for the Jaguars during the last quarter of the match. Then, Gay scored a field goal from 37 yards out to seal the win for the Buccaneers. No other team scored during that quarter. Stay tuned for highlights from the Browns match against the Steelers played later on.