November 19, 2019

Although it was not an all-pretty night for the Los Angeles Rams, they still managed to get a victory. They had hosted the Chicago bears for their week 11 campaign of this season’s NFL. The low-scoring match saw the Rams get a 17-7 victory.

Quarter 1

Both teams started with solid defenses and as such put out each other’s offensive plays. This resulted in a goalless first quarter even after numerous unpredictable attacks.

Quarter 2

The Rams took control of the match during the second quarter. They managed to get points from a touchdown as well as a field goal. Zuerlein scored the field goal from 38 yards out while Gurley scored the touchdown up the middle.

Quarter 3

The Bears managed to get their first points of the match from a touchdown in the third quarter. Cohen scored the touchdown. The hosts never scored during the third quarter.

Quarter 4

The hosts sealed their win with a touchdown during the final quarter of the game. Brown scored the touchdown which gave them a well-fought victory. The last week 11 match pits the Chargers against the Chiefs. Stay here to get all the highlights from that match.