November 19, 2019

The Buffalo Bills visited the Miami Dolphins over the weekend. In the week 11 game, the Bills completed a season sweep over the Miami team. The game ended in a 37-20 victory for the Buffalo Bills. Now, the Dolphins have less than 1% of making the playoffs.

Quarter 1

The Bills took their chance during the first quarter of the game and led for the entire match. Two field goals from Hauschka gave them the lead that allowed them to dominate the entire match. Hauschka scored the first field goal from 51 yards and the other one from 34 yards out.

Quarter 2

Both teams put up an entertaining show during the second quarter of the game. Brown and Knox each scored a touchdown for the visitors. Hauschka scored another field goal, this time from 21 yards out. Ballage and Grant each got a touchdown for the Dolphins.

Quarter 3

Jos. Allen scrambled up the right end for 8 yards to get a touchdown and extend the margin the Bills had established. The hosts never scored during this quarter.

Quarter 4

Each team got a touchdown as the match neared its end. Grant scored the touchdown for the Dolphins while Brown scored the one for the Bills. Stay tuned to know how the Baltimore Ravens faced off against the Houston Texans.