October 24, 2019

The match ended 27-21 in favor of the visitors. Numerous penalties and turnovers plagued the New York Giants who won two of the quarters. The Arizona Cardinals capitalized on their massive win during the first quarter to cap the game.

Quarter 1

Edmonds opened the scoring for the visitors with a touchdown in the seventh minute. He made an incredible run from the 20-yard line. He made another run solo run during the eleventh minute to secure his and the Cardinals’ second touchdown.

Quarter 2

Gonzalez scored an attempt from 47 yards out to extend the visiting team’s lead. Ellison caught Jones long throw into the Giant’s half to secure the home team’s first touchdown. Michael Thomas blocked Andy Lee’s shot at the Cardinal’s end zone enabling the Giants to get a second touchdown.

Quarter 3

Edmonds made his and the Cardinals’ third touchdown during the ninth minute of the third quarter. This allowed visitors to further stretch their lead.

Quarter 4

Barkley secured the Giant’s last touchdown of the game in the seventh minute of the last quarter. Gonzalez scored an attempt from 45 yards out to seal the win for the visiting team. Stay with us to receive more highlights of all the weekend’s NFL games.