November 19, 2019

The Bengals have not managed to get a win during this entire NFL season. They visited the Oakland raiders over the weekend and still got beaten. The low-scoring matchup ended in a 17-10 victory for the Oakland Raiders.

Quarter 1

The Bengals began the match well and were even able to win the first quarter of the game. Mixon scored the only touchdown of the first quarter for the Bengals.

Quarter 2

The Raiders overpowered the Bengals during the second quarter of the game and managed to pull a comeback. This was through two touchdowns while the Bengals never managed to get any point. Moreau and Carr scored the two touchdowns to guarantee the Raiders a lead.

Quarter 3

Only the Raiders scored during the third quarter of the game. This was after Bullock successfully took a 40-yard field goal attempt.

Quarter 4

The final quarter, just as the third one, had few scores as both teams has strong defenses. However, Carlson managed to take a 20-yard field goal attempt successfully to guarantee his team a win. Two other games were played last Sunday evening. Stay tuned to get their updates and know how they both ended.