November 19, 2019

It resembled a rematch of Superbowl 52 when the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the New England Patriots this past Sunday. As such, the Patriots seem to have gotten their revenge against the Eagles as they were able to steal a win during the week 11 matchup. The game ended 10-17 in favor of the New England Patriots.

Quarter 1

Elliott successfully took a 42-yard field goal attempt to open the score-line. He put the Eagles ahead in the middle of a thrilling match. Both teams had solid defenses and the first quarter ended 3-0.

Quarter 2

Early into the second quarter, Goedert scored a touchdown for the Eagles to extend their lead to 10-0. Then, Folk scored a 45-yard field goal for the New England Patriots. He later on scored two others from 22 and 39 yards.

Quarter 3

Edelman scored made a short right pass to P. Dorsett for 15 yards who then scored a touchdown. This was the last time any of the teams scored during the game.

Quarter 4

Both teams intensified their defenses leading to numerous blocks and zero scores. Even though, each put up muscled efforts to score, the final quarter ended as a goalless draw. The last match on Sunday evening saw Rams face off against the Bears. Stay tuned to receive all updates from that game.