November 11, 2019

The match ended 22-14 in favor of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles, who were the hosts, dominated the match in all quarters except the last one. The visitors failed to score during the first two quarters but tried a comeback in the last two. 

Quarter 1 

Elliott scored from a 28-yard attempt to propel the hosts into the lead a few minutes after the game started. 

Quarter 2 

J Elliot doubled their Eagles’ lead a few minutes into the second quarter from another 28-yard field goal attempt. Minutes later J. Ertz scored an incredible touchdown to ensure that the hosts had a massive lead. 

Quarter 3 

The two teams drew during the third quarter as each got a touchdown. Howard scored the touchdown for the home side while Montgomery scored the one for the visiting team. However, the hosts still had a great-margin lead. 

Quarter 4 

The visitors were triumphant during the final quarter. However, they only garnered one touchdown over the hosts’ field goal. Such was not enough to overturn the match’s scores. Montgomery scored the touchdown for the Bears. J. Elliot scored the final field goal for the Eagles from 38 yards out.

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