October 23, 2019

The game ended 30-16 in favor of the visitors. The Seattle Seahawks enjoyed a three-game winning streak prior to week 7 of NFL action. However, they fell at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens when they faced off this past Sunday. 

Quarter 1

Tucker first scored for the ravens from a goal attempt at 25 yards out. The rest of the first quarter was dominated by blocks with each team having solid defenses.

Quarter 2

The Seahawks started the second quarter with Lockett’s incredible touchdown down the left corner of Raven’s end zone. This gave them a 7-3 lead in the game. The ravens cut down the lead to one point after a field goal from 28 yards out. The Seahawks also got a field goal from 34 yards out during the eighth minute of the second quarter.
Marcus Peters pushed the Ravens into the lead with a touchdown during the tenth minute of the quarter. Then, five seconds to the end of the quarter, Myers scored a 31-yard attempt for the Seahawks.

Quarter 3

The third quarter was mainly dominated by blocks. However, Jacksons made a muscled effort into the Seahawks' end zone to secure a touchdown.

Quarter 4

The Baltimore Ravens extended their lead through Tucker’s 22-yard field goal. Then, a fumble by the Seahawks ensured that the Ravens secured a 30-13 lead. The Seahawks ended the game with a 35-yard field goal from Myers.

The last game on Sunday saw the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys. Check out the next update for that game’s highlights.