November 13, 2019

The Kansas City Chiefs visited the Tennessee Titans for their week 10 NFL campaign this past Sunday. The match ended in a 35-32 victory for the Tennessee Titans. The hosts won the game by making a successful comeback after going down during the first quarter. 

Quarter 1 

Mahomes made a short right pass to Kelce who scored a touchdown to give the visiting team the lead. Later on, Butker scored from a 30-yard field goal attempt. 

Quarter 2 

The hosts got two incredible touchdowns with one coming after a fumble by the Chiefs. Fisker scored the first touchdown and Evans the other one. Butker scored another field goal, this time from 41 yards out, to ensure a level score-line. 

Quarter 3 

Hill scored a touchdown and Butker a 43-yard field goal for the visitors during the third quarter. This ensured that the visiting team led the match but the hosts got a touchdown from D. Henry. 

Quarter 4 

The hosts put up numerous muscled efforts to win the final quarter and the entire match. Henry and Humphries both scored enticing touchdowns for the Titans. Earlier on, Hardman had scored a touchdown and Butker a 39-yard field goal for the visiting side.

Stay tuned for highlights from the other matches that were played over the weekend.