October 24, 2019

The home team was able to walk out with a tight-margin victory. The two teams had similar strengths and strong defenses as they drew during the first three quarters. It was only during the last quarter that the Los Angeles Chargers fell 23-20 to the Tennessee Titans.

Quarter 1

The first quarter of the game was filled with thrilling defensive action from both teams. The visitors were first to get on the score-board after a successful 45-yard attempt by Parkey. However, McLaughlin leveled the score-line for the home team during a 29-yard attempt minutes later.

Quarter 2

The Chargers’ Gordon opened wide to near the upper corner of Titan’s end zone to receive a throw. He easily caught the ball and made the first try with nearly four minutes remaining in the second quarter. Corey Davis gave the home team their first with thirty seconds remaining in the second quarter. This ensured that the quarter ended in a draw.

Quarter 3

None of the teams got on the score-line during the third quarter. Both were busy keeping each other at bay while also trying hard to access the opposite end zone.

Quarter 4

The home team won the game during the final quarter. Tannehill was the first to get a touchdown in the fourth quarter during the quarter’s second minute. Then, McLaughlin scored for the visitors from a 50-yard attempt. Later on, with six minutes remaining, Henry got a touchdown for the Titans.

The visitors had their final touchdown in the tenth minute of the final quarter from Ekeler. Stay with us to get highlights of the other NFL Week 7 games.