November 19, 2019

During week 11 of this season’s NFL, the Washington Redskins played at home after their bye week. They hosted the New York Jets who overpowered them and won the match with double their points. The final score-line was 17-34 in favor of the New York Jets.

Quarter 1

The Jets played well and were able to lead during the first quarter of the game. Darnold made a short deep pass to Brown who managed to score a touchdown. The Redskins never managed to score during that first quarter.

Quarter 2

Two touchdowns helped the visitors to extend their lead in the match during the second quarter. Anderson and Griffin scored the touchdowns. Hopkins scored a field goal for the hosts from 44 yards out.

Quarter 3

The two teams put up massive defensive action during the third quarter of the game. As such, none of them managed to score even after numerous attacking efforts.

Quarter 4

The hosts got two more touchdowns during the final quarter of the match. This was through Crowder and Bell’s muscled efforts. Guice and Sprinkle each managed to get a touchdown for the Redskins. Stay tuned to know how the Buccaneers and the Saints faced off.