December 03, 2019

The Washington Redskins were finally able to get a win in their home stadium last Sunday. In the week 12 match, they played with the Detroit Lions. The final score was 19-16.

Quarter 1

Hopkins opened the match by scoring a field goal from 28 yards out. Both teams were then unable to score again for the rest of the first quarter.

Quarter 2

Prater scored a 24-yard field goal for the Lions during the first few minutes of the second quarter. Then, Sims scored a touchdown for the Redskins and Hopkins scored from a 37-yard field goal attempt. Prater later on scored a 49-yard field goal.

Quarter 3

Thomas equalized for the Lions with a touchdown early into the third quarter. None of the teams scored again during that quarter.

Quarter 4

Prater scored a field goal from 21 yards to take the Lions ahead. However Hopkins successfully took two field goals to ensure that the Redskins won the game. He scored from 42 and 39 yards out. The New York Jets hosted the Oakland Raiders later that night for their week 12 match. Stay tuned to get the highlights from that game.