December 13, 2019

The Duke Blue Devils were demolished at their home stadium by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In the week 11 NCAA match the Fighting Irish earned their second win after losing at Michigan. The final score was 7-38.

Quarter 1

The Fighting Irish started the game on a high note and dominated the first quarter. This was courtesy of two touchdowns from Chris and Chase. They also managed to prevent the Blue Devils from scoring.

Quarter 2

C’Bo scored a touchdown for the Fighting Irish in the early minutes of the second quarter to increase their tally. Then Aaron Young scored a touchdown for the Blue devils. However, the Notre Dame team had already tripled their lead by now.

Quarter 3

Chris Finke scored a touchdown after running for 6 yards. He had received Ian Book’s excellent pass to go on and score. This ensured that his team established a comfortable lead over the Duke University team.

Quarter 4

A field goal and a touchdown helped the Notre Dame team to seal their win in the last quarter. George scored the touchdown while Jonathan scored the field goal from 34 yards out. Stay tuned for highlights from Fighting Irish’s next game against the Navy Midshipmen.

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