December 13, 2019

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish hosted the Virginia Tech Hokies for a thrilling week 10 encounter. Both teams fought hard and the Fighting Irish only won the match with a narrow margin of one point. The final score was 21-20.

Quarter 1

Kmet was first to score in the game for the Fighting Irish in the opening minutes. He got a touchdown which was later equalized by Damon on the opposite end zone.

Quarter 2

Both teams got a touchdown each during the second quarter just as during the first one. Tommy Treble scored for the home team while Divine Deablo scored for the visitors. None of the teams managed to get past each other’s defenses again during that entire second quarter.

Quarter 3

Both teams put up strong defenses during the third quarter of the game too. This led to fewer scoring opportunities as most attacks were repelled. However, Brian Johnson managed to score a 44-yard field goal to take the Hokies ahead.

Quarter 4

The hosts got a touchdown while the visitors only got a field goal in the last quarter. Ian scored for the hosts while Johnson scored the touchdown for the visitors from 25 yards out. Next week, the Fighting Irish travel to face the Duke Blue Devils. Stay tuned to get the highlights of that match.

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