December 13, 2019

College football got a thrilling encounter when the Navy Midshipmen travelled to face their long-standing rivals. In the week 12 match, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish managed to batter the Navy team. The final score was 52-20 in favor of the Fighting Irish who were playing in front of a home crowd.

Quarter 1

The Notre Dame team started the match on top form and even managed to control the first quarter. They got two marvelous touchdowns from Chase Claypool to establish a lead.

Quarter 2

Chase Claypool continued to score in the second quarter getting one more touchdown. His teammates, Braden and Tony also got a touchdown each. Jonathan scored a field goal from 32 yards out. Bijan scored a field goal on the other end for the Navy team from 27 yards out.

Quarter 3

Chase Claypool scored yet another touchdown to make it his fourth for the game and his team’s sixth. Cooper also scored a touchdown on the other end zone for the Midshipmen.

Quarter 4

The Fighting Irish got one last touchdown while the visitors got a touchdown and a field goal. Paul Moala scored for the hosts while Perry scored the visitors’ touchdown. Bijan scored the field goal from 36 yards out.  Next week the Notre Dame team face the Boston College Eagles. Stay tuned for their match highlights. 

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