December 11, 2019

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the USC Trojans reawakened their rivalry during their week 7 NCAA match. However, the Fighting Irish were able to hold off the Trojans and emerged victorious after a thrilling match. The game ended 30-27 in their favor and they were playing at home.

Quarter 1

McGrath scored a field goal from 40 yards out for the Trojans in the opening minutes of the match. Both teams were then able to hold off each other’s attacks. As such, no other scoring action occurred in the first quarter.

Quarter 2

The Fighting Irish got back in the match during the second quarter. This was courtesy of two marvelous touchdowns and a successful field goal. Kmet and Braden scored the touchdowns while Jonathan scored the field goal from 45 yards out.

Quarter 3

Each team got a field goal in the third quarter and the Trojans got a touchdown from St. Brown. Chase scored the field goal for the Trojans from 2 yards out while Jonathan scored the one for the hosts from 52 yards out.

Quarter 4

The visitors got two touchdowns while the hosts got a touchdown and a field goal in the last quarter. Tyler and Markesse scored the touchdowns for the visiting team while Ian scored the one for the hosts. Jonathan scored the field goal from 43 yards out. The Fighting Irish face the Michigan Wolverines in their next match. Stay tuned to get the game’s highlights.

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