December 13, 2019

The Florida Gators played the Florida State Seminoles at home after their bye week during week 14 of NCAA action. The Gators were able to relive their massive home form and beat the team from Florida State University. They won the match 40-17.

Quarter 1

Freddie Swain was first to score during the game getting a beautiful touchdown for the Gators. Jordan Travis equalized later on with an equally marvelous touchdown for the Seminoles. 

Quarter 2

The Gators dominated the second quarter of the game and got three touchdowns and a field goal. Damien, Freddie, and Jefferson scored the three incredible touchdowns. Evan scored the field goal from 50 yards out. The Gators’ defense was also solid as they were able to repel all the attacks from the Seminoles.

Quarter 3

Each team got a touchdown in the third quarter and the Seminoles got a field goal. Ricky scored the field goal from 48 yards out. Jefferson scored the Gators’ touchdown while Ankers scored the one for the Seminoles.

Quarter 4

Evan sealed the win for the Gators with a 21-yard field goal. Stay tuned for highlights from NCAA matches played all over the country.

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