October 24, 2019

The final score was 24 - 13 with Florida  Gators holding the top position from the first quarter. The undefeated team employed a ferocious defense and effective attack tactics to secure a massive home win this weekend. 

Quarter 1

At the 15th minute, the gators amazed its fans with a rewarding touchdown. The receiver was easily able to get past the 20, 40 and finally touchdown without much difficulty. 

 Quarter 2

In the second quarter, Sean Davis, Florida, intercepted a throw from Patrick Nix, Auburn. Nix double pumped and threw the streak down the sideline. However, Sean was in the way and went down to the 31-yard line. Josh Hannon received a throw and swayed his way to a touchdown. 

Quarter 3

Both teams upgraded their defenses in the third quarter. Each made sure that the opponents intercepted the throws. However, in the 9th minute, Michael Pierre manages to get past the defense. He runs 88 yards running a touchdown for the Gators. 

Quarter 4

 There was no significant change during the fourth quarter. The two sides tried to maintain their defense, keeping the opponents from moving forward.  Many players were given some time off during this week. We've got the top matches to keep us agitated near the weekend.

In the second quarter two, at the 32-yard line of the gators, the throw-in came in deep and Seth Williams was in line to catch it. Auburn Tigers reached their first touchdown in the second quarter. Yesterday, Florida Gators won the match with South Carolina Gamecocks. Stay tuned as we review the match in the next post. 

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