December 11, 2019

The Florida Gators were once again on the road for their week 8 NCAA match. They travelled all the way to North Carolina to face the University’s Gamecocks. They were able to force a 28-37 win and bounced back after having lost their past game.

Quarter 1

The home side were first to score and led courtesy of a touchdown during the first few minutes of the game. The away side were only able to get a 48-yard field goal from Peterson during that first quarter of the match.

Quarter 2

During the second quarter the hosts got a field goal while the away side got a touchdown. Parker scored the touchdown from 49 yards out while Jacob scored the touchdown.

Quarter 3

The Gators got a touchdown in the third quarter while the hosts got a touchdown and a field goal. Tavien scored the touchdown for the hosts while Dameon scored the one for the visitors. Parker scored the field goal from 31 yards out.

Quarter 4

Three touchdowns in the final quarter helped the Gators to clinch the win. They were scored by Freddie, Kyle, and Trevon. Smith scored a touchdown for the hosts. Next on the roster for the Gators is the Georgia Bulldogs. Stay tuned to know how their match will go down.

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