December 09, 2019

Boise State Broncos went into week 15 as the favorites to win the match they hosted against the Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors. They were able to live up to the expectations and win the thrilling encounter. The final score was 31-10 in their favor.

Quarter 1

The Rainbow Warriors were first to score during the opening minutes of the game. Ryan Meskell converted a 47-yard field goal attempt to push them to the lead. However, Eric Sachse equalized with a 34-yard field goal for the Broncos.

Quarter 2

Two touchdowns in the second quarter of the game ensured that the Broncos opened up the lead in the match. Khalil Hakir and John Hightower scored a touchdown each to give the Boise State team an edge.

Quarter 3

Khalil scored yet another touchdown to give his team an even bigger-margin lead in the game. Then, Jaylon Henderson scored the last touchdown for the Broncos.

Quarter 4

The visitors got their only touchdown of the game during the final quarter. Miles Reed scored the touchdown after receiving the ball from Ryan Meskell’s kick. Appalachian State and Louisiana teams faced off for another week 15 game. Catch their match highlights in the next post.