December 09, 2019

LSU Tigers faced off against the Georgia Bulldogs for a thrilling week 15 NCAA game. The LSU Tigers, who were the hosts, were able to emerge victorious by a score of 37-10. This boosted their chances of moving to the top spot and make it to the playoffs.

Quarter 1

Ja’ Marr and Terrace were first to score a touchdown each during the first quarter of the game. Both players had caught the ball after kicks by Cade York to proceed and get a touchdown each. This gave the Tigers a great edge.

Quarter 2

Each of the teams got a field goal during the second quarter of the game. Rodrigo scored first for the Bulldogs from 39 yards out. Then, Cade York scored a late field goal from 41 yards out for the Tigers. This quarter never had any touchdowns on either end zone.  

Quarter 3

The Tigers took complete command of the game during the third quarter and got two touchdowns and a field goal. Terrace and Justin scored the two touchdowns. Cade York scored the field goal from 28 yards out.

Quarter 4

The Bulldogs got a touchdown in the last quarter of the match while the hosts got a field goal. George Pickens scored the touchdown while York scored the 50-yard field goal. Stay tuned for highlights of the Virginia Cavaliers vs. Clemson Tigers match in the next post.