December 30, 2019

The LSU Tigers, who have been on an impressive form this season carried their winning streak to the bowls. In the Saturday Peach bowl game which also acted as a CFP Semifinal, they totally routed the Oklahoma Sooners. They won the game with an incredible 63-28 score-line.

Quarter 1

The Tigers started the game with every intention of winning as they got three touchdowns during the first quarter. Justin Jefferson scored two of the touchdowns while Terrace Marshall Jr. scored the other one. The Sooners got a touchdown from Kennedy Brooks.

Quarter 2

Just like during the first quarter, Justin scored two touchdowns while Terrace scored one during the second quarter. However, this time round, the Tigers got an additional touchdown from Thaddeus Moss. Jalen Hurts scored a touchdown on the other end zone for the Sooners.

Quarter 3

Each of the teams got a touchdown during the third quarter of the match. Joe Burrow scored for the Tigers while Jalen scored for the Sooners.

Quarter 4

The two teams got a touchdown each during the final quarter. T.J. Pledger scored for the Sooners. Then, john Emery Jr. scored for the Tigers. Memphis and Penn state faced off for the Cotton Bowl. Stay tuned for the highlights of their match.