December 13, 2019

Indiana Hoosiers hosted the Michigan Wolverines for a week 13 NCAA clash. Having won their last three matches, the Wolverines were able to dominate and win the match. The final score was 14-39 in their favor as they increased their winning streak.

Quarter 1

Stevie Scott was the first scorer of the game getting a touchdown for the Hoosiers in the early minutes. However, Roonie Bell equalized later on with a touchdown for the Wolverines. None of the teams scored again during the first quarter.

Quarter 2

The hosts got their second and last touchdown of the game as the visitors added two more. Peyton scored for the Hoosiers while Donovan and Nico each scored a touchdown for the Wolverines. This meant that the visitors had established a lead.

Quarter 3

This was the last quarter with noteworthy scoring activity. First, Quinn Nordin scored a field goal for the Wolverines from 27 yards attempt. Then, Shea Patterson made two great passes to Nico Collins who finished them off with two incredible touchdowns.

Quarter 4

With strong defenses active at both ends, none of the teams scored during the last quarter. In week 14, the Wolverines host the Ohio State Buckeyes. Stay tuned to know how their match will end.

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