December 13, 2019

Maryland Terrapins hosted the Michigan Wolverines for their week NCAA game. Having won their last match after getting beaten at Penn State, the Wolverines defeated their hosts. They won the match with an incredible score of 7-38.

Quarter 1

The visitors took complete control of the match since the first quarter. They got two touchdowns which helped them to go on and win the game. Giles Jackson and Charbonnet were the scorers during that first quarter.

Quarter 2

Zach Charbonnet continued scoring during the second quarter of the game. After Jake Moody’s kick, Charbonnet caught the ball marvelously and ran with it for 8 yards. He then finished the run with a great touchdown to triple the lead for his team.

Quarter 3

The hosts got their first and only touchdown of the game during the third quarter. Javon Leake scored that touchdown. However, Hassan and Nick had earlier on extended the lead for the Wolverines by scoring a touchdown each.

Quarter 4 

Quinn scored the last touchdown of the game for the Wolverines. The Wolverines will be at home in their next match against the Michigan State Spartans. Stay tuned for highlights from that match.

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