December 13, 2019

The Ohio State Buckeyes visited the Michigan Wolverines for a thrilling week 14 NCAA clash. The Wolverines were hoping to continue on their winning ways after having enjoyed a 4-game winning streak. However the Buckeyes quelled their hopes by beating them 27-56.

Quarter 1

Each of the teams got two touchdowns to kick off the first quarter of the game. Jackson scored first for the Wolverines and his teammate Donovan scored last late into the quarter. Dobbins and Chris Olave scored the two Buckeyes’ touchdowns midway the first quarter.

Quarter 2

The Buckeyes got two more touchdowns in the second quarter while the hosts only got a field goal. Dobbins scored the two touchdowns. Quinn scored the 23-yard field goal.  

Quarter 3

Quinn scored another field goal from 45 yards out. Earlier in the third quarter, Garrett and Hill had each scored a touchdown for the visiting side.

Quarter 4

The away team sealed the match with two touchdowns in the last quarter of the game. Austin Mack and Dobbins scored the touchdowns. The Wolverines also got a final touchdown from Hassan Haskins. Stay tuned for more updates from NCAA games played all over the country.

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