December 17, 2019

During the first week of December each year, the Army-Navy rivalry is reignited. The two teams, Navy Midshipmen and Army Black Knights met again this year for week 16 of the NFL. In the passion-filled college football game, the Navy men emerged as winners. The final score was 31-7 in their favor.

Quarter 1

Christian Anderson scored the first touchdown of the game for the Army men. This was during the first quarter of the match. No other player scored for the rest of that first quarter.

Quarter 2

Malcom and Jerry each got a touchdown early into the second quarter to pull the Navy men back into the game. Both touchdowns were triggered by kicks from Bijan Nichols. The touchdowns also put the Navy men ahead.

Quarter 3

Jamale scored his second touchdown of the game and the third one for the Navy men. This gave the Midshipmen an extended advantage over the Black Knights. No other player scored for the rest of the quarter.

Quarter 4

A field goal and a touchdown culminated the action for the game between the two military schools. Malcom scored the field goal while Bijan Nichols scored the field goal from 37 yards out. The two players sealed the win for the Midshipmen. Stay tuned for highlights from the upcoming NCAA football bowls.