December 30, 2019

In the team’s history, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have never beaten the Purdue Boilermakers. They are the only big ten team which the Nebraska team has failed to win against. The Purdue team ensured that the statistic remained unchanged when the two sides met for their week 10 NCAA tie. The final score was 31-27 in favor of the Boilermakers.

Quarter 1

Dedrick Mills scored a touchdown from a 1-yard run to give the Cornhuskers an edge as the game started. Later on, Barret scored a 23-yard field goal to add on to the visitor’s tally.

Quarter 2

Purdue got back into the game and even took the lead during the second quarter. This was courtesy of two marvelous touchdowns from Doerue and Payne.

Quarter 3

Each of the teams got a field goal during the third quarter of the game. Barret scored first for the Cornhuskers from 21 yards out. Then, J.D. Dellinger scored from 44 yards out for the Purdue University team.

Quarter 4

The final quarter saw each team get two touchdowns. Adrian scored both of the away team’s touchdowns. Doerue and David Bell scored a touchdown each for the home side. The Cornhuskers play against the Wisconsin Badgers in their next game. Stay tuned to catch their match’s highlights.  

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