December 13, 2019

After playing at home, the Ohio State Buckeyes were on the road for their week 12 game. They played the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. In the thrilling encounter, the Buckeyes thrashed the Scarlet Knights 21-56. This pushed them on course to the playoffs having been undefeated all season.

Quarter 1

The hosts got one touchdown during the first quarter of the game. Isaih Pacheko scored the touchdown after catching Justin’s kick. However, the visitors had already gotten three touchdowns from Dobbins and Binjimen to establish a lead.

Quarter 2

The hosts were unable to score during the second quarter. However, the visitors got two more touchdowns to set themselves up for a win. Hill and Binjimen got a touchdown each.

Quarter 3

Three touchdowns ensured that the third quarter of the game was very thrilling. Luke and Jake scored a touchdown each for the visiting side. Bo Melton scored the other touchdown on the other end zone.

Quarter 4

Jaelen scored a touchdown for the visitors to cap their win. Johnny Langan scored a touchdown later on for the hosts. In their next game, the Buckeyes go up against the Penn State Lions. Stay tuned for the highlights of their game.

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