December 09, 2019

The Oklahoma Sooners and the Baylor Bears were the other teams facing off during week 15 of this season’s NCAA. The Bears went into the game undefeated and ranked as amongst the top 15 teams. However, the Sooners were able to hold them off and win the game in front of an Oklahoma home crowd. The final score was 30-23.

Quarter 1

Kennedy Brooks and Gabe were the first scorers of the game. Kennedy got a touchdown and Gabe scored a 44-yard field goal during the first quarter. This ensured that the host team took the lead early on in the game.

Quarter 2

Two field goals and a touchdown in the second quarter ensured that the visitors caught up with the host team. John Mayers scored the field goals from 44 and 28 yards out. Tyquan Thornton scored the only touchdown of the quarter.

Quarter 3

Gabe scored a 24-yard field goal during the early minutes of the third quarter. Then, Nick got a touchdown to ensure that the hosts got a considerable lead.

Quarter 4 

Each of the teams got a field goal in the final quarter. Gabe scored from 24 yards out while John Mayers scored from 27 yards out on the opposite end. Trestan’s touchdown for the Bears ensured that the game ended in a draw and had to go to overtime.


Rhamondre Stevenson scored a marvelous touchdown to award his team the win during overtime. Stay tuned for updates from the Bearcats match against the Memphis Tigers in the next post.