January 01, 2020

The Arizona bowl was the last one to be played out on New Years’ Eve. It was the last college football game of the last decade and it pitted the Georgia State Panthers against the Wyoming Cowboys. The Cowboys from Wyoming University won the game easily. It ended in a 17-38 score-line.

Quarter 1

Dan Ellington was first to get a touchdown during the game. He scored to give the Panthers an edge but the Cowboys got two touchdowns and a field goal soon after. Austin and Valladay scored the touchdowns while Cooper scored the 53-yard field goal.

Quarter 2

Brandon Wright got a 25-yard field goal during the early minutes of the second quarter. Then, Ayden scored a touchdown to increase the lead for the Cowboys.

Quarter 3

The third quarter saw the Cowboys seal their win with two more touchdowns while the Panthers only managed to score one. Valladay scored the first touchdown of the quarter for the Cowboys in the early minutes. Then, McCoy got a touchdown for the Panthers. Later on, Levi Williams sealed the quarter with a touchdown for the Cowboys.

Quarter 4

The teams never managed to score each other during the final quarter. Plenty of more bowls will be played out in the first few days of the New Year. Stay tuned for all the highlights.