January 03, 2020

The Birmingham bowl played out last Thursday featured the Cincinnati Bearcats and the Boston College Eagles. It was an excellent game which saw the Bearcats start off the New Year with a massive win. The final score was 38-6 in favor of the Cincinnati team.

Quarter 1

Desmond Ridder got a touchdown in the early minutes to ensure that the Bearcats took the lead. They capitalized on that lead to go on and win the game.

Quarter 2

The Bearcats continued scoring well into the second quarter of the game. They got a field goal and a touchdown to increase their lead. Sam Crosa scored the field goal from 32 yards out while Desmond got the touchdown.

Quarter 3

Malick scored a touchdown to give the bearcats a comfortable lead during the third quarter. Brandon Sebastian then scored the first and only touchdown for the Eagles.

Quarter 4

Two touchdowns during the final quarter of the game helped the Bearcats to seal their first win of the year. Desmond and Ryan each got a touchdown. The other bowl played on Thursday was the Gator bowl which saw the Volunteers take on the Hoosiers. Stay tuned for their match highlights.