January 01, 2020

Last Monday the Western Michigan Broncos and the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers faced off for the first responder bowl. In the entertaining encounter, the Hilltoppers managed to get a narrow win to finish the year off. The final score was 20-23.

Quarter 1

Thiago Kapps scored first during the game during the first quarter. He got a 30-yard field goal to put Broncos ahead. Most of the attacks during the first quarter were foiled. As such, no other player managed to score that entire quarter.

Quarter 2

Each team got a touchdown during the game’s second quarter. Jahcour scored the first touchdown of the quarter for the Hilltoppers. Then, as the quarter neared its end, Kareem scored a touchdown on the other end zone for the Broncos. Cory Munson had scored a 26-yard field goal midway that quarter.

Quarter 3

DaShon scored the sole touchdown of the third quarter. He had received a great pass from Jon Wassink to proceed and get the touchdown.

Quarter 4

The Hilltoppers managed to overturn the match and win during the third quarter. This was courtesy of a touchdown and two field goals. Lucky scored the touchdown while Cory scored the field goals from 31 and 52 yards out. Thiago also scored a field goal from 20 yards out for the Broncos. Stay tuned for the highlights of the Music City bowl in the next post.