January 03, 2020

The last bowl to be played out last Thursday was the Gator bowl. The game saw the Tennessee Volunteers take on the Indiana Hoosiers. It was a fight-to-the-finish which saw the Volunteers win by a single-point margin. The final score was 23-22.

Quarter 1

The game started with both teams having strong defenses. As such numerous offensive plays were foiled near both end zones. Neither of the teams managed to score that entire quarter.

Quarter 2

Three field goals were scored during the first quarter with the Volunteers getting the first two. Brent Cimaglia scored them from 23 and 32 yards out. Then, Logan Justus scored the last field goal of the quarter for the Hoosiers from 24 yards out.

Quarter 3

The Hoosiers got three touchdowns during the third quarter to take the lead. Ramsey, Guarantano, and Johnson each got a touchdown. Logan Justus later on scored a 49-yard field goal for the same team. The Volunteers only got a 43-yard field goal from Cimaglian that entire quarter.

Quarter 4 

Logan Justus scored a field goal from 30 yards out for the Hoosiers to open the fourth quarter. Then, Quavaris and Gray each scored a touchdown to ensure that the Volunteers had a comeback and won the game. The next bowl to be played out will be the Potato bowl on Friday pitting Ohio and Nevada against each other. Stay tuned for the highlights of the match.